A bicycle trailer to always have with you

Trenux – a trailer that you can take with you anywhere and anytime without limiting the flexibility of your bike.

An innovative folding mechanism allows carriers and trailers to be combined in one product. In contrast to bulky load bikes and space-restricted bicycle bags, Trenux offers the right transport option in every situation: whether it’s the big week’s shopping, searching for a parking space at a bicycle stand or a barbecue evening by the lake. The luggage carrier folds open to become a load trailer in a matter of seconds. The trailer is immediately ready for use and can be stowed away again as a luggage carrier in no time at all after transport.



The drawbar can be mounted and removed in seconds using the quick release mechanism. To make sure it stays your Trenux, you can lock it keyless by simply pressing two locks.


Safety: Camlock quality locks
Close: without key

Loading area


Folded out, the trailer offers space for two beverage crates, a travel case or four flower boxes. The charge is kept stable by the trapezoidal frame and the bands. Additional tension belts fix light transport material.


Load capacity: 40 kg
Load space: 62 x 42 cm
Standard: Eurosize Container



For unfolding the handle is pulled back, which unlocks the flap lock. Two snap-in magnets give the trailer increased stability and prevent it from wobbling. When the Trenux is no longer needed, the central handle in the middle of the loading area is pulled and the trailer folds down.


Expand: 4 seconds
Fold in: 8 seconds



A pocket completely integrated into the folding mechanism forms the rectangular loading area. Two beverage crates can easily be stowed here. Due to the water-repellent material, the bag can be pulled out upwards when it rains and the transported goods remain dry inside. In the supermarket, the bag can be removed from the trailer and used directly for shopping. In addition to the colour combinations, reflectors round off the design.


Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 30 cm
load capacity: 40 kg
Colours marine, summer


Trenux can be used as an independent luggage carrier, as well as in combination with an existing one. This way it really fits on every bike.
Like a conventional luggage carrier, Trenux fixes itself at three places underarm left/right and the seat post.


Bearing weight: 7,5 kg
Baggage carrier width: 30 cm
Trailer width: 50 cm



According to the StVO, the trailer is equipped with reflectors, additional reflectors are also on the bag. Tension straps can be attached to a suspension to secure the load. In the event of a fall, the trailer remains stationary due to the special coupling joint, poses no danger and is properly constructed in accordance with DIN EN 15918.


StVO: compliant
DIN EN 15918: fulfilled



In the event that the trailer is used without a bicycle, there is a trolley extension. This is additionally mountable and can be folded out easily and quickly.


Status: in development



The drawbar of the Trenux is fixed on the axis of the rear wheel. The standard mounting is compatible with a full and quick-releases axle. This allows us to cover the majority of bicycles. In addition, a mounting on the seat tube is required to be able to fold in Trenux.


Compatibility: full axis, quick-release
Alternative: Connection to tubular frame

The standard mount is simply screwed onto the quick-release or the full axle.

If the standard mount on your bike does not fit there is an alternative for the frame.

The seat tube mount is also suitable for spring-loaded saddles. https://youtu.be/l5-yT5jsFVo?t=25=25


Can children be transported in Trenux?
To ensure that nothing happens to children in an accident, a roll cage must be attached to a trailer. However, we have not yet finished developing the foldable roll cage. If Trenux continues to prove itself so well for non-living loads, development for living loads will soon also be tackled.
Do bicycle trailers have to be certified?
The TÜV, as it exists for cars in Germany, is not available for trailers.
However, there is a DIN standard on safety requirements for bicycle trailers (DIN EN 15918).
During the development of Trenux we orientate ourselves on this.
Does Trenux fit on every bicycle?
We haven’t found a bike Trenux doesn’t fit on yet. On bicycles with a low saddle and a saddle that is moved forward, the carrier surface is slightly tilted. If you think Trenux will not fit on your bike, let us know and we will try it out. Bicycle racks are designed according to standards that we take into account during development. If you can fit a standard carrier, Trenux will certainly do the same for you.
Can carrier bags be attached?

We are in the process of integrating a carrier bag holder. In the morning on the way to the office the laptop does not have to be in the trailer but can comfortably be carried in the bag.

Two bags will not work.