That’s how Trenux fits on your bike!


On this page you get to know which Trenux configuration fits your bike. You can use the printable template to check which bike mount is necessary for you. We distinguish between the axle and the frame mount, which are suitable for different bicycles. Furthermore, there is the seat mount, which is installed at every bicycle. The printable templates will help you to find out, whether the axle or the frame mount is more appropriate for your bike.

The templates can be found here in German and English (optional: English in letter size). When printing, make sure that you print it out in the correct size. In step 1 you can check directly if the size is correct.

Trenux frame mount

If you are unsure about any step or if the template does not seem to fit, don’t hesitate to send us a message via the contact form. If you send us a corresponding picture of your bike we will usually be able to answer your question.

Trenux axle mount

Step 1 – Print and check size

Check that the printout is really on a scale of 1:1.

Take a 1 Euro coin and verify the size by placing it on the two measuring fields one after the other. There is a description about what you have to pay attention to, right next to the fields. (If you do not have a coin at hand, you can also simply measure the scale with a ruler. For those who do not have a metric ruler at hand, there is a short inch scale.)

Step 2 – Cut out the template

Cut out the two templates along the red lines. Do not forget to cut out the hole in the axle template and the red marked slit in the frame template!

Step 3 – Axle mount check

Place the hole of the axle template on the axle nut or the quick release. In the best case, the other end of the template should point to the rear. But if an attachment of your bike is in the way, you can rotate the template up or down as shown on the printout. Make sure, that the position works out on the other side of the bicycle as well. If this is the case, the axle mount is going to work perfectly for your bike.

If your bike has a 12 mm thru-axle, it will be difficult to mount the axle mount. Therefore you should choose the frame mount. The following steps show you how to check if the frame mount fits your bike.

Step 4 – Measuring the bicycle frame

To measure the frame, you can use the tape measure as shown in the picture. As a preparation, cut a small slit through at the red marked line. Now you will be able to slide the end of the template through the small slit. When measuring, you can leave out cables and bowden cables. The colored areas show you whether the bike mountings fit your bike.

If the axle mount already fits your bike, you only need to check the seat tube or post!

If you want to have a closer look at the pictures, just click on them.

Measure the saddle tube – the measurement must be in the orange range

If the axle mount is already fitting and the seat or saddle tube also fits, you are done here. Trenux should fit on your bike. If not, please measure the rear end in the next step.

Measure the rear end – the measurement must be in the blue area

If the axle mount does not fit, you have to check whether your rear end is suitable for the frame mount. If the measurement is correct, please proceed to the last step.

If one of the two measurements does not fit your bike at all, please write us a message. The contact form can be opened by clicking on the orange circle.

Step 5 – Check the position

This step is only necessary, in case the axle mount does not fit your bike.

If you have measured the circumference at the rear end and the frame mount fits there, you have to check if there is enough space for the mounting.

As shown in the picture, you can try different positions. Therefore, hold the thick end of the template to the frame. The important thing is that the exact same position works on both sides of the bike. In case of doubt, check the circumference with the tape measure. Does everything fit? Then the frame mount should be suitable for your bike.